St. Jerome’s School, Long Harbour, Placentia Bay

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St. Jerome’s School


I can still remember my first day of school at St. Jerome’s, my eyes full of tears with excitement and fear. I have so many happy memories of friends and events, games and school work, stories told and retold. On cold mornings we had to bring wood to school to feed the pot belly stove so we could warm up our frozen toes and dry our wet mittens. I have memories of evenings spent with a scrubbing brush and warm water helping to scrub clean a section of the wooden floor. The best time of all was the last day of school each year when we all got on the bus for our annual trip to a picnic site. We’d return in the evening, tired and sunburned but glowing with the knowledge that we had two and a half months of freedom ahead before the start of school again in September.

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